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                                D.T.'s Taxidermy
                1037 Slate Ridge Road
                  Lily, Kentucky  40740
Welcome to D.T.'s Taxidermy where "Quality over Quantity" is my motto.
Let me introduce myself, my name is Donald Thomas and I' am a state & federal licensed taxidermist who owns and operates D.T.'s Taxidermy. I have been in business as a full time/full service taxidermy shop for over 10 years with the belief that quality and lifelike appearance are an absolute requirement in taxidermy.
With this being said I can assure you that these requirements being met are my main goal and to reach this I do not take any shortcuts, use only the best possible materials avaliable for the job at hand, preserve each specimen with the best method possible such as tanning all hides, etc.
Since I'am my hardest critic and the only person who performs the taxidermy work at my shop I have to limit the amount of work received each season to keep a reasonable turn-around time and create quality/lifelike taxidermy work.
I want to be proud/pleased of each and every mount and if that is not possible how could I possibly expect you to be proud/pleased with it!
Thank you for your interest in D.T.'s Taxidermy I encourage you to look through my webpage and view the pictures of mounts I have done and if there is anything I can do for you or if you have any questions contact me.
                                                      "Quality over Quantity"
                                                                     Thanks, D.T.